Hey! I put this blog together so I can explain shader effects and other content posted on my twitter, @Cyanilux. The blog is mainly aimed at devs that use Unity3D and its Shader Graph for scriptable render pipelines (mostly URP), but the concept behind posts might still translate well to other engines and forms of shader creation. Note that content is made for learning purposes and might not optimised and game-ready.

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Passing Particle System Data into Shadergraph (Custom Vertex Streams)

Intro This post provides information on how to use the Custom Vertex Streams option on the Particle System component (also called Shuriken) to pass per-particle data into the shader. Note that it won’t go over how to use the component itself but there are plenty of tutorials online – here’s one that looks well written. In …

Post Processing in the Universal RP

The Universal Render Pipeline (URP, previously known as Lightweight RP) uses an integrated Volume system for Post Processing effects, sometimes referred to as Post Processing V3 / PPv3. These effects include things like Bloom, Chromatic Aberration, Depth of Field, Color Adjustments, Tonemapping, Vignette, etc. Note that URP does not have Ambient Occlusion yet, it's on …